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I Love You More, a Reluctant Memoir, by Joan Burleson

How do you forgive the unforgivable?

Betty Jean was left penniless with three children in 1960’s Appalachia. Desperate, she followed her husband, uprooted their family, and bootstrapped failure into a fresh start in Anchorage, Alaska. Once transplanted, she became inspired by the audacious country and established herself as a true Alaskan pioneer. Principled and headstrong, she began to succeed in the wild culture of early Anchorage. Betty Jean refused to leave her troubled marriage, creating a toxic home. But when she met steadfast Dale, she faced an unexpected opportunity for happiness. Her choice drove her husband insane, and he hired an assailant to maim she and Dale with acid. Although the vicious assault left Betty Jean with grave injuries, she survived, and made an astonishing bargain to regain her eyesight.

The acid attack, investigation, and legal maneuvers that followed are meticulously researched and documented in I Love You More. This true crime story is revealed through the reluctant eyes of the youngest daughter as, seeking to heal, she investigates how the brutal crime affected each family member. A stirring memoir, I Love You More weaves a powerful sense of place and compelling characters into a remarkable tapestry of misguided love, passion, and redemption.

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