I Would Tell You a Secret, by Hayden Dansky

Courage and craft. Hayden Dansky’s words are a gift to language itself. They make the unspeakable spoken and practice such care and candor in their work. “I Would Tell You a Secret” is not merely a book of secrets told but rather a lesson in revelation. Dansky’s work bridges the gap between truth and language, past and future, candor and care.

—Blake Marcelle

This book is no longer about self betrayal or family protection. It’s not even about secrets, but instead, the painful process of becoming.

This book of poems explores family trauma, addiction, physical transition, deep loss, and craving for social justice in an unjust world. It holds the profound impact of grief on the body, the learning and unlearning of personal truth, and the connection of body and spirit in transition.

In “I Would Tell You a Secret” we experience the depths of despair as the author takes us through their personal unraveling, connecting us with our own intimate understanding of grief within. As we bear witness to their transformation, we are faced with our own connection to self and desire to become exactly who we are.