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In the Name of the Father, by John W. Long

In the tropical paradise of Fort Lauderdale, a mysterious killer is stalking infamous residents, exposing their dark secrets and exacting revenge for past misdeeds.

Homicide detective Jack Johnson is tasked with finding the sadistic killer, taking us from sandy beaches to dangerous Everglades and the city’s dark underbelly. Bodies with mysterious markings appear, but the killer leaves no fingerprints, no DNA, and no evidence. As Jack chases the elusive murderer, he must confront personal demons threatening his job and marriage.

In the Name of the Father is a police thriller through sultry South Florida and the mind of a deranged villain. As Jack closes in, he places himself in mortal danger while grappling with questions: What are the mysterious markings? How does the killer know their secrets? What drives the killer’s rage? Will justice prevail? The answers will stun readers.

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