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Into the Emerald Dream, by Autumn Allen

Lyrica Stone is facing the mystery of a lifetime: what happened to her vanished mother six years ago, and what does it have to do with the strange, vivid dream of an emerald forest that seems to follow Lyrica everywhere she goes?

Lyrica thought she was used to strange things, like being able to see other people’s emotions in the form of colorful auras and the disappearance of her mother when Lyrica was only 10 years old. Now she is being drawn into another world that takes the form of an emerald forest, dragging her from all she had known and loved. With the help of her best friend Jack, for whom she is just starting to experience awakening romantic feelings, and the mysterious, violet eyed Lance Cross, Lyrica plunges into the heart of the emerald dream and life will never be the same.

In Into the Emerald Dream by Autumn Allen, we experience a world of myth come to life, an epic journey to save innocence from evil, and the first steps toward self-discovery for a curious and gifted young woman.

Born and raised in West Michigan, Autumn Allen has always loved exploring and creating fantastic characters and worlds. She graduated from Godwin Heights Public Schools and has a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Wayne State University. This is her first novel.

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