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Invisible Sun, by Andrew H. Housley

Bent to the point of breaking, Ian stands at Lake Pontchartrain’s edge in New Orleans, spiraling after his brother Hugo’s suicide. Everything sinks around him—the city, his faith, and perhaps his life—as he untangles the reason behind Hugo’s fatal decision.

In Invisible Sun, Andrew H. Housley probes mental illness and the painful consequences of choice. He questions brotherly bonds, belief systems, and interconnectedness with profound intricacy, immersing readers in a world where reality blurs. Housley’s storytelling peels back the human psyche, exposing raw emotions. This haunting tale captivates as a broken soul seeks solace and understanding, diving deep into a reflection on resilience and choices.

Will Ian find the truth he seeks, or will he be consumed by the shadows that threaten to swallow him whole?

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