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Iris in Violet, by Gretchen Hoffmann

Iris in Violet is a trip down the rabbit hole — again! But, unlike Alice in Alice in Wonderland, it isn’t a rabbit that Iris follows but the whirling, swirling flight of a blackbird that leads her through a dream world of strange and beautiful places, filled with strange and beautiful things.

There’s the puddle mermaid because, we discover, puddles have mermaids just as teardrops do. There’s the turtle whose shell is like a chest of drawers that keeps opening and closing with fish leaping out from inside; the peacock who spreads his tail into a Ferris wheel, and the white cat who drifts in a field of dandelion puffs. They say Iris is lost, but Iris doesn’t think so, not as long as she has the blackbird to follow. And after all of her adventures and her long journey, where do you think the blackbird takes her? . . . home, to her own backyard.

The color of Iris’ dress seems to have had a hand in this wild adventure, according to the blackbird. Where does a color go? the blackbird asks. Come and see in Iris in Violet.

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