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Island Eight, by M.Z. Medenciy


In a world on the verge of repeating a cataclysmic history, Sophia, an entertainer from the town of Salinas, unknowingly holds the keys to the world’s salvation. Yet, she turns a blind eye to their king’s tyranny to ensure her happiness. But not even the gods can protect her when the eyes of the castle shift directly to Salinas. After narrowly escaping death with the aid of a mysterious man who whisks her away to once forbidden lands, Sophia is unwillingly sucked into the brewing war with which she wanted nothing to do.

In Island Eight by M.Z. Medenciy, Sophia begins an unprecedented journey where she encounters new dangers through magic-wielding Fae, discovers a resilience within her she never thought possible, and uncovers a history of their gods and their planet that will change the lives of all forever.

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