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It’s Tough Being A Grown Up!, by Malika Bhandarkar

It’s Tough Being a Grown Up! by Malika Bhandarkar is a smart collection of poems covering pop culture, food, romance, magic, and mischief. With humour and grace, it explores the quotidian questions and realizations that bind us all: where is my share? when is my turn to rewrite the rules? what do you mean I’m not the centre of it all? …and other lessons from the University of Life.

These lyrical poems are what poetry should be: universal, uplifting, and a breathing space for readers to reflect on their place in the world—with a smile.

Written in the vein of Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein, Dr Seuss, Ogden Nash, Judith Viorst, and Vikram Seth, It’s Tough Being a Grown Up! adds to the oeuvre of these poets who have smoothed life’s edges with their benevolent humour and philosophy. It offers readers essential voices that are gentle and joyful. The poems within are tools meant for prying light and laughter from a landscape too often cloaked in gloom and doom, setting the world to right in rhyme.

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