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Ivory Tower, by Grant Jenkins

Ivory Tower is a campus thriller about Margolis Santos, a charismatic film professor in her prime, who risks her career and life to uncover sexual corruption inside her university’s football program where rich boosters pay sorority girls to have sex with star recruits. When we find Margolis, she’s embroiled in a sex scandal of her own that sends her life into a tailspin. She unthinkingly sleeps with a student from another school, and when the parents find out, they threaten to sue her university. To protect its reputation, the ambitious university president, Art ‘Lightning’ Lane, decides to fire her. As she fights for her job, Margolis slowly learns from her 17-year-old daughter, Brie, and crackerjack senior, Emma Barnes, what is happening in the Theta sorority house. Billionaire football donor, Chet Orchard, is orchestrating there a new recruiting scheme where Theta sisters ‘date’ potential players with the expectation of sexual favors. Margolis is desperate to put a stop to the sexual exploitation and violence. The trouble is, her husband, Frank Sinoro, is the head football coach, while her daughter loves the sorority, so she has to make a choice. Margolis has to find a way to protect her family, while also saving the women on campus and, eventually, her own soul.

Grant Matthew Jenkins teaches literature, television, and creative writing. He lives in Tulsa with his four kids and two cats. A life-long college football fan, he attended the University of Texas and Notre Dame. Although he is a published poet and scholar, Ivory Tower is his first novel.

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