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Jack and the Lean Stalk, by Raven Howell

A fairy tale adds a sprinkle of magic to a cauldron of conundrums where not only kingdoms, but kindness end up ruling. Jack, living on his family’s farm, has no need to buy magic beans or steal anything from a Giant. The family’s bean field however, is strangely flooded and unfamiliar moans make everyone uneasy. With the once-hardy beanstalks losing their enchantment, Jack gathers his courage for a mysterious, spooky midnight meeting to find out what – or who – is ruining the bean supply. Follow an enchanting cast of characters brought to life with a little “fractured” twist on the well-loved original, Jack and the Bean Stalk. Charmingly illustrating the theme of bullying, will Jack make friend, or foe? Ages 6 – 11

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