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Journey to Paradise: A Memoir, by Sarah Jolicoeur

After seven years of marriage and codependency, twenty-six-year-old Sarah Jolicoeur is thrust back into the daunting world of singlehood, grappling with a crippling identity crisis and self-esteem weaker than her biceps.

In an effort to transform herself, she embarks on a fitness journey, where she crosses paths with—and falls for—her personal trainer. He assists her in shedding pounds and guides her toward a fresh perspective on life, especially when it comes to relationships. As their connection deepens, Jolicoeur confronts a challenging truth: monogamy is not his cup of tea. To make it work, she must undergo a profound transformation in her beliefs about life, love, and herself.

In Journey to Paradise, Jolicoeur candidly shares her struggles with rebuilding self-esteem, managing jealousy, and embracing a lifestyle of ethical non-monogamy. Her intimate exploration of polyamory teaches her how to transcend the boundaries of conventional relationships in pursuit of the partnership she’s longed for. Fourteen years later, having found the courage to stand up for her desires, they are now happily married and living their chosen lifestyle.

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