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Karma Two, by Colleen Hollis

Despite the optimism of his name, Arizona Sunshine Jacksyn, or AJ, was not born into a life of sunshine and roses, nor with a silver spoon in his mouth (this time). His mother, Ember Elizabeth, struggles to provide for her two sons while dealing with addiction and trauma. As a result, AJ is forced to fend for himself at a young age. He endures abuse in foster care and is later forced into prostitution. Despite these challenges, AJ is determined to succeed. He works hard to rise out of poverty and create a better life for himself.

In Karma Two, the conclusion to the story begun in Karma One, AJ is given the chance to right past wrongs and find the happiness that has eluded him in previous lifetimes. With the help of spiritual guides, AJ tries to break free from the cycle of greed and power that has haunted his family. Will he be able to overcome his past and create a brighter future?

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