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King Kenny and the Fox’s Cape, by Debbie Thomas

Have you ever wanted something that doesn’t belong to you? So has King Kenny! 
King Kenny and the Fox’s Cape is a story inspired by the historical saga of King David and Bathsheba. Overcome by envy, King Kenny the lion mischievously steals a much adored cape belonging to his fox friend, Commander Corby. He ultimately learns what is meant to be yours will make you the happiest, and that the real culprit of the crime is his ungrateful heart.
This is a story of gratitude, redemption, forgiveness, and humility all wrapped up in characters who are much like you and me! Come follow King Kenny, Commander Corby, Scribby the Scribe, and the jungle’s most lovable team as they grow, sing, and discover the importance of being grateful and content!

Atmosphere Press

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