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LeeLee Luccelli: The Lip Reading Wonder, by Lysa Kochanowicz

What would you do if one day you were able to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations without being noticed?

Lillian Luccelli is an amazing girl who happens to have her own special “superpower” that is quite unique. Profoundly deaf but fluent in American Sign Language, she accidentally discovers one day after her 9th birthday that she can read lips. LeeLee and her kooky friends figure out a way to use her extraordinary ability to right some wrongs in her elementary school. It’s girls versus boys in this fun and spirited coming-of-age caper.

Join forces with LeeLee and her classmates on this entertaining adventure. Learn a new and exciting way to engage your friends and family. Readers will embrace LeeLee’s newly acquired talent and realize there’s nothing more gratifying than rooting for the underdog.

Atmosphere Press

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