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Lost and Found, by Kevin Gardner

Broke, and divorced, Arn Maxwell packs all he owns into his 38-foot sloop and leaves South Florida. Searching for a change in scenery, he heads to Saunders Point, and Aunt Liz. After a joyful reunion, he learns that she is being conned. Reverend T. Whitman Earle is soliciting funds for a non-existent school in Africa. Angered by the possibility, Arn decides to investigate. With the help of Kim, the pretty young librarian, and Johnny Good, a childhood friend, he learns of Earle’s shady past. With the local police at is heels, he builds the case that the minister is conning his flock. Then killing them.
When Aunt Liz disappears, Arn takes action. Certain of Earle’s guilt, he rushes to the minister’s country home only to be captured by the real killer. A man with a grudge, a plan to leave with a lot of money, and a story of greed and revenge. But Aunt Liz has on last trick up her sleeve, and Arn escapes. Frantic, he runs, but is shot. After a night on death’s door, Arn is the one that survives. Through it all, Arn Maxwell discovers power of family, the meaning of home, the excitement of new love, and the reward of a good deed done.

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