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Lost Family, by Katherine Williams

A bizarre encounter opens this gripping World War Two novel of love, betrayal, and new beginnings.

When an attractive associate tells Ben Griffiths that she has a vintage photo of someone who looks remarkably like him, he dismisses it as a clever pick-up line. Soon after, he discovers a painting among his late grandmother’s possessions. The artwork appears to have been painted in the same location as his colleague’s photo. This serendipitous discovery leads him on a journey to France, where a heartbreaking secret awaits.

In 1939 France, seventeen-year-old Amélie Maurois is a promising artist. She plans to attend art school in Tours, but the German invasion ends her dream. She instead channels her skills into forging documents, helping the persecuted to escape certain death. While on her mission, she becomes involved with a British agent. When her acts of resistance result in retaliation by angry neighbors, including threats and violence, her courage is tested. He finds her a safe place to hide, but no one knows if they will survive this war.

From the author of The Glovemaker’s War, Lost Family explores the horrors of life in Occupied France and its stories left unspoken.

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