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Lyrics From Home: The Stories Behind the Songs, by Milton L. Brown

Lyrics From Home will not teach you how to write a hit song. There’s no shortage of titles making the claim already on the market. Rather, it’s Milton L. Brown’s story — how he wrote for the cowboy heroes of his youth and for the biggest stars of film and television. He penned songs for recording artists like Kenny Rogers, Smoky Robinson, Anne Murray, Jimmy Buffett, Glen Campbell, Blake Shelton, and many more — all without ever leaving his hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

Lyrics From Home chronicles Milton’s journey, from the moment the piano teacher told his parents they were wasting their money to the night at the People’s Choice Awards when “Every Which Way But Loose” won for Best Movie Song, and beyond. From early rejection letters to being presented with the prestigious Music Creator’s Award by the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. It’s all here, just the way it happened — the improbable story of Lyrics From Home.

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