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Minnesota and other poems, by Daniel N. Nelson

Nelson expresses the emotions of a man who travels far from home without losing the tug of his roots. Carefully centered on the page, these poems mold memories into graceful figurines, as they share pivotal moments in train stations, war zones, and foreign cities. Enhanced by illustration, this collection offers observations on life from many angles, including the family pet, in the delightful poem, “To Dogs From a Human.”

–Jacqueline Jules, author of Itzhak Perlman’s Broken String.

Dan’s spare poems leave you searching for the rest of the story: context, history, and future. His poetry provides an eagle’s view of what seems like a Minnesota winter landscape, but on further examination often draws you in with observations of the fullness of living never quite realized, or intimacy lost. His cool eye highlights the random and ludicrous aspects of a life which we often take for granted. His eye for details is sharp, as in, “a family of four in military camouflage chewing in unison.” Intriguing are his poems about assignments in foreign places, where he and other people pass through a landscape of temporary agency. His are poems that, once read, do not let go of you easily.

–Eric Forsbergh, author of Imagine Morning

Minnesota and Other Poems begins, ends and is interspersed with thoughts about the Upper Midwest – its people, culture, and environment – and filled with trenchant observations of experiences thereafter. In this eclectic collection, Nelson builds a vision of life lived strenuously and globally; one deeply etched by that which he has encountered and endured. Here we meet many individuals both named and anonymous who have made existence worthy, intriguing, frightening, sorrowful. We also see the situations that bring elements of love, absurdity and humor to one experiencing them.

This collection builds upon Nelson’s monograph of verse, Performance (Wolfville, Nova Scotia: Wombat Press, 1993), and includes work drawn from the past twenty years. Cover art and illustrations are by the artist Jarett Walen.


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