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Monking Around, by Keith Howchi Kilburn

They are an unlikely pair: Wu, the wandering Taoist, and Daphne, young, blonde, energetic and devoted to the practice of martial arts, meditative states and other-worldly journeys. Their teacher is a medicine woman in a remote village in New Mexico devoted to the ancient traditions. Taoists, pagans and shamans engage in a sustainable way of living with lots of mystical ecstasy.

Goddess speaks to them through angels, nature spirits and the Ancient Ones, who still have enclaves in remote places on earth. They whisper in the wind and rumble from inside the earth with voices of etherial, maternal and erotic love, while clarifying the Original Instructions given to all humans.

Shape-shifting, communion with animal and plant allies, journeys into the Spirit World and healing ceremonies are among their masteries and mysteries. It’s a training program to develop skills and responsibilities, so they may play their part in the creation of a new world.

Monking Around is an enchanting story, in which Howchi Kilburn portrays how tuned-in people can create a way of life that is sacred, ecstatic and harmonious. Perhaps we can be those people.

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