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Moon in the Day Sky: Valley of Thunder, by Jessie E. Turner

“Run, Starsha, Run! You’re stronger than you think you are. Keep your brother safe from Garthazor.”

Sixteen-year-old Starsha is a dreamer in a world where female dreamers are feared, hunted, and destroyed. When an angry mob burns down Starsha’s home, her mother’s final words haunt her. She must flee with her baby brother, Pinay, to a cottage in the forest, where she is safe until her hiding place becomes more dangerous than the field of battle.

Starsha is hiding more than her brother—she’s been chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy: When the Moon is in the day sky in the Valley of Thunder, the dreamer will rise on wings of power and reclaim dominion. Her power is tested when Pinay is abducted by Garthazor’s men.

Nothing will stop Starsha from embarking on the perilous journey to rescue her brother. In her quest, she encounters an angry dragon, a benevolent and magical grandmother, and an attacker linked to her mother’s death.

With an army amassed against her and the powers of mutated magic threatening her destruction, Starsha must summon all her courage to claim the promised legacy and save her brother.

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