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Mothers of Our Own Little Love, by Jesse Eagle

“A disturbing yet hypnotic modern version of a fairy tale where an orphaned brother and sister struggle to discover their own American Dream.” – Peter Schwartz, author of Old Men, Girls, and Monsters.

Two orphans, a sister and a brother, wander the streets of Chicago, searching for a mother and a home.

The siblings study unsuspecting people in apartment windows, ride trains to strange neighborhoods, and sift through alleyways in the hope of finding a place where they belong. Living in a group home, and then a foster home, they attempt to build makeshift families, which prove to be only temporary. Once adults, the siblings separate to different states, and, without each other for the first time, cycle through a series of relationships often influenced by the past.

Told in moments, Mothers of Our Own Little Love is a novel that explores the haunting nature of memory, the power of loneliness, and the reincarnations of love.

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