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My Father’s Ashes: A Memoir of Childhood in the McCarthy Era, by Judith Werner

When Judith was nine years old, her father was forced to resign from his job and move their family from Washington, D.C., to New York City, where Judith grew up in a family with connections to Soviet Union spies, including the infamous Julius and Ethel Rosenberg before their arrest and execution.

As an adult, while searching for her father’s ashes, Judith discovers documents and letters that begin to unravel the lies her parents told her throughout her life, including the truth behind her father’s ousting during the McCarthy era.

Judith Werner’s captivating and revealing personal account, My Father’s Ashes: A Memoir of Childhood in the McCarthy Era, allows readers to witness this tumultuous, controversial period in American history through the eyes of a “red diaper baby,” and reflect on its truths and falsehoods, much as she did upon uncovering her family’s personal history in forgotten documents.

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