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My Journey Into Tea, by Elaine Terman

What’s the reality of running a small business? Has anyone dared to reveal the unvarnished truth about the challenges and pitfalls one can encounter on this journey? In this candid memoir, you’ll experience the unfiltered trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship through the lens of a charming little tea shop.

From the initial spark of an idea to the realization of the “American Dream,” you’ll witness the day-to-day operations without any sugarcoating. Elaine, known as TheTeaLady, shares her passionate love affair with tea and imparts essential tips on preparation, fascinating historical insights, and the remarkable health benefits hidden within a simple cup of tea. You’ll also embark on a journey to Sri Lanka, one of the world’s premier tea producers, and discover how tea evolves from raw leaves in the field to a delectable cup at your table.

Is running a small business one of the most challenging journeys you might ever undertake? Absolutely. But within these pages, you’ll find inspiration and rewards far beyond a paycheck, enriching your life in ways you never imagined. Even if entrepreneurship isn’t your burning desire, these tea-time tales offer a delightful and captivating read.

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