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My Northeast Passage – Hope, Hassles and Danes, by Frances Terry Fischer

Home again – or is it?

Jerry, dear husband and father, is dead in a plane crash. Frances, 24 years old and now a single mother to 15-month-old Mike, is on the way to…where? Well, not anywhere anyone imagined, least of all Frances.

The summer school in Dublin sounds like a perfect getaway. Besides, she promised her grandmother she would make the trip to Ireland, where a young farmer and his wife once sailed from County Cork to America and started a family. That promise must be kept, even if grandma is no longer there to tell all about it.

Ah, the romance, the Emerald Isle, and then she can’t get that appealing young Dane out of her mind, but first she has to look up Denmark on a map. And romance only looks easy at the start.

In My Northeast Passage, Frances Fischer gets to Denmark before it was cool, and then needs to decide: does she stay on now that it’s hot?

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