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Ndalla’s World, by Beth Franz

A love story. A mystical journey. An exploration of the power of stories in our lives and the kinds of risks a leader must take for the people she loves.

When Julia travels through time and space to Ndalla’s World with a woman she is just starting to get to know, she is taking a bigger risk than she’s ever taken before. But by doing so, she stands to gain more than she ever imagined: a rich experience of the transformative power of love and friendship, a deep appreciation of the very real power held by the spirit realm that has always surrounded her, and a hard-earned understanding of the kinds of sacrifices that a leader must be willing to make for the people that she loves.

Set in a time when the world is not as it is now, Ndalla’s World by Beth Franz offers readers not only an escape from the challenging times we live in but also an important reminder of the very real possibility of love and adventure that is always available to those who are willing to open their hearts and minds.

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