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New Wings, by Margaux Savary


Twelve-year-old Aly Sparks has no clue what is in store after she spots a winged woman flying over her school.

When this woman appears again and takes Aly to the Island of the Asters, where each Aster is gifted with the power of flight, shape-shifting, telekinesis, talking to animals, or superspeed, Aly must prepare for the delightful possibility of gaining a power, and the terrifying risk of gaining two.

After Aly discovers the dangers imposed on her family by the evil Pyromancer King Ven, she sets out on a mission to protect the people she has grown to love so much.

In New Wings by Margaux Savary, we experience an adventurous tale of newfound friendships, magical surprises, and a brave young heroine.

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