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No Bad Ghosts, by Daniel Meyer

When children see spirits or make imaginary friends it’s important for parents to remember there are …No Bad Ghosts.

With a foreword for parents and caregivers, and an illustrated story for children of all ages to explore, No Bad Ghosts is a call for understanding of a world that many refuse to acknowledge…a world of spirits, or ghosts, that share our daily and nightly spaces. When all of the scary creations from a thousand generations are put behind us, it is time to discover what is really there—No Bad Ghosts! This story is related in two versions: for young children, and for all ages.

This story is so good that we’re not afraid to reveal part of the ending! “That night, Timmy slept soundly in his bed under his new Bat-guy bedspread. Nettles slept close by and snorted just a bit as a familiar ghostly hand patted him in his sleep. “Good night, Nettles,” Frederick whispered. Dogs like Nettles were a ghost-boy’s best friend.”

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