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No Plaid Suits: How Not to Have a Boring, Normal Life, by Amrita Rose

A self-help book for people who want to build personal resilience, have more adventures and feel more confident in their life without taking a million classes or watching a zillion videos.

In this sparkling how-to guide, accomplished life and career coach Amrita Rose gives you the low-down on everything from how to schedule your time or create a meal from “nothing”, to ending any relationship and dealing with grief. Easy exercises, inspiring tales and humorous advice from someone who’s been there, helping you to:

Build resilience, feel confident and laugh a whole lot more.
Discover the kind of home and career that makes your heart sing, right NOW.
Experience adventure, laughter and fun in life while creating true success.

“With this book of personal reminiscence and universal advice, Amrita Rose delivers the kind of useful life skills one expects in a self help book through the clear language and resonant story-telling of modern memoir. Buy the book for solid guidance; read it for an exquisite literary experience.”

– Dylan Brody, Author, Playwright, Film-maker, Author of The Modern Depression Guidebook

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