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Nothing to Get Nostalgic About, by Eddie Brophy

Charlie Harris is haunted. Haunted by addiction, haunted by depression, but more than anything he is a man haunted by his childhood. For years, Charlie had successfully used his relationship with his past and with fear to his advantage. He became a successful and award-winning author by confronting the tangible terrors of a divisive world of economic strife and political polarization. Unfortunately, the one fear he was never able to confront was the one that now hid under the crib of his infant son.

In order to save his son, Charlie must confront everything he is afraid of. Not only own his name, but finally own his past. A troubled family, a haunted house, dead parents, and finally, what happened that fateful day in 1997.

Once, Charlie didn’t stop what was happening, and now it might kill his son if it doesn’t kill him first. Childhood? It’s nothing to get nostalgic about.

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