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Ody Trilogy, by Jorri Duursma

Ody, a bullied boy in his village, searches for a better place and is experiencing a kind of Odyssey. To his surprise, he becomes the King of Existence, upon which he must solve many problems in the world of four existences, and later solves these problems by building a solve-tower, helped by the elf Toodle and troubled by his so-called daughter Espra.

This complete fairy-tale trilogy, full of symbolism and humour, can be read to children one chapter each evening, thus stimulating their imagination and helping their parents to better understand their world of fantasy.

The Ody Trilogy has been previously published in Dutch, Korean, Catalan, and Spanish. Dutch children immediately understand the symbolism and humour (“If it depended on me, I would call it right away the best, best children’s book of the whole world,” wrote a 9-year-old girl). The Korean edition was selected for a series of children’s books from different countries. At present, a complete Russian and a Frisian translation are also available.

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