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Old Wounds, by Betti Louise Lee

Some wounds take time to heal.

Nia Carter is a young, single mother searching for the killer of her ex-husband. Frank Carter was not the ideal husband or father, but tracking down his killer is not a task that Nia can ignore. She discovers other murders and is threatened by a powerful man of monumental evil. Can she find Frank’s murderer, bring him to justice, and survive the encounter? If anyone can, it’s Nia.

Identity theft is a subject that most of us have talked about. We guard ourselves against it in our daily lives, but what if an identity was stolen during the tumultuous era of the Vietnam War? There were no DNA tests to prove one’s identity, computers had not been perfected to track a person successfully, and the concept of identity theft was unknown.

In Old Wounds by Betti Louise Lee, Ronald Goddard steals an identity during the war, then uses it to parlay his mediocre life into what he always wanted it to be —wealthy, respected, and formidable. He commits heinous crimes, including murder, and feels no remorse. It takes a tenacious African American female investigator, Nia Carter, to bring him to justice.

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