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On The Unit, by Eric Biseca, N.D.

“On the Unit is nothing short of fantastic. It speaks truth to the need for more meditative practice in our schools and particularly our juvenile prisons. My colleague has clearly captured what it’s like to be ‘doing the work’ where it needs done and this story is sure one that we cannot ignore. It is sure to inspire you…”
– Dr. Jacqueline Ali

This work lives at the crossroads of spirituality, trauma, social justice and education. It is a gritty first hand account of the struggle to bring the practice of meditation into the barren walls of the juvenile prison system in the city of brotherly love. Set amidst the ongoing crisis of teen violence in the city of Philadelphia, it offers wisdom for the ages.

Stories of student triumphs and tragedies fill these pages, while offering a solution-based critique of the institutions that educate and incarcerate them. Spirituality and esoterism are intertwined throughout, yet it holds groundbreaking social and educational research. The pages are written with a mixture of discipline and compassion, and include concise explanation and implications of the realities of teen trauma, including powerful and unique lessons demonstrating the effectiveness of what Eric Biseca has discovered through his own life trials—that of Beingness.

In an attempt to find a solution, while providing them with a tool, Biseca’s method of the “1 minute moment” was born within this soul enhancing story of young people discovering the power of self-awareness, self-efficacy and responsibility. I leave you with the image of a seated row of incarcerated youth in state issued garments and ID bracelets. Their eyes are closed, their bodies still—they breathe, they hope, and slowly but surely, prevail.

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