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Onward, At Last, by Kevin Howard

“Onward At Last, by Kevin Howard is a must read for anyone interested in improving our global society. These short, powerful chapters are filled with thought provoking nuggets of wisdom, and this book will change the way you look at our world. Mr. Howard’s ‘It Takes a Village’ outlook on improving humanity is both compelling and refreshing. If you care at all about people and our planet, this eye opening book is for you!” –Todd Bentley, English Teacher (Mesquite High School)

America…was it all a dream? Home of the free. The place where everything is possible. This is how I was raised. Yet as I grew into adulthood and embarked on my journey to earn my piece of the American dream, I slowly realized that something was terribly wrong. But what?

I work hard, built a successful career, possess all the trappings of an American middle class success story, and yet I feel deeply disillusioned. As I look around, I realize most everyone I meet shares my disquieting sense of dread from experiencing our society and nation in decline. Where is this all heading?

Onward, At Last provides a deep exploration into the virtues that define our lives…freedom, independence, self-interest and competition, and asks the foundational question: What if our own defining virtues are actually the root cause of all that afflicts our society and ourselves? Onward, At Last presents a series of social commentaries that utilizes our shared experiences to examine what has gone so terribly wrong and what each of us can do to make it right.

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