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Orleans Parish, by Chad Pentler

A few months before high school graduation, Moira Levinson is summoned to an old-fashioned soiree where she discovers what’s underneath the surface of Orleans Parish: a secret organization called The Society where members have wielded supernatural powers for generations while they maintain close control over the city.

Moira’s twin sons, Carson and Sebastian, grow up in the shadow of The Society in Orleans Parish without ever knowing its true nature; the twins struggle at the onset of adulthood to establish themselves. Carson attempts to become a screenwriter in Los Angeles, which seems more like an organized crime ring with each passing day while Sebastian loses control of his own narrative while teaching high school theater at a private school in the Parish. Meanwhile, Carson was sent away for a reason, and as he becomes aware of certain abilities he carries with him in Los Angeles, he realizes he must return to the Parish before a dangerous rival takes center stage.

In Orleans Parish we experience the mysteries of New Orleans and the toxic hierarchy of Los Angeles: a story of sibling rivalry, the perils of LA intern culture, the disappointments of post-college life, and the pressures of living up to one’s preordained potential.

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