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Parkour with Guitar, by Simon Goodridge

A musician’s journey through sound and strife takes in every triumphant chord and every haunting mistake.

Starting from humble beginnings, this musical odyssey takes you from the early dawn of Stonehenge through the Never Never and almost into the infinite reaches of Space exploring the ups and downs of a musician’s life. The author recounts his evolution from an aspiring rockstar strumming along with legends, to a vaudevillian guitarist surviving in the cut-throat world of rock and roll, to a born-again rocker finally finding redemption.

With memories stirred by a forgotten video, the author delves into his time as a musician rubbing shoulders with the likes of The Clash, The Pretenders, INXS and more, painting a nostalgic picture of the late 20th century rock scenes in Australia, Europe, and the US. Parkour with Guitar is a loving tribute to the people, places and sounds that defined a generation.

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