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Phoenix Saga: Peace on Earth Protocol, by amalL era JesuƨɘႱ hO

Humans have existed for roughly 200,000 years—echoes of our most ancient stories etched in stone and earth. As a global human population approaches 9 billion, we race into uncertain futures— entangled in floods of retellings & ossifying literature. Accumulating costs loom large—

Awakening long-dormant altruistic possibilities begins with a leap of faith rooted in primal and innovative semiotic paradigms. Phoenix Saga: A Modern Epic in Pro Sé emerges as a modern mythos for Peace on Earth, safeguarding possibilities across a boundless, beautiful Multiverse!

A second book in a Phoenix Saga trilogy offers transfigurations of ancient Babylonian stone tablets, called Enūma Eliš. Divinity reselling Mythos for God of Creation & Primordial Chaos Dragon—recast to last. Adventures across generations begin anew within a simple framing:

Where did God go? She Ariseth!

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