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Pismo Beach, by Bernie Christensen

The Champagne Salute recreational vehicle, named “The Toaster”, is undoubtedly the most carelessly constructed recreational vehicle that was ever shoved out the factory door. Only the most experienced RV owner should consider owning a beast this treasonous.

An amiable Joe Vallejo and his attractive wife Emily are retirement age novices when they purchase their first used recreational vehicle. Joe and Emily suffer an unending string of break-down calamities, bloopers and loads of lousy luck. Their friend, Treat Bodeen, who runs a vehicle repair garage, tries his level best to keep his friend’s RV from failing them out in the boondocks. Be that as it may, Joe and Treat are growing suspicious about why they have experienced so many breakdowns. They are forced to consider that there may be disgruntled employees at the Champagne Salute factory sabotaging the brand-new motorhomes. One or more people seem bent on revenge.

Come laugh alongside the likable, innocent characters in Pismo Beach as they are admonished by unseen factory workers, experiencing dozens of mishaps that just keep on coming.

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