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Porto Lúa, by David Green

In Porto Lúa Green demonstrates his extensive knowledge of, and deep appreciation for, the traditional culture and history of Galicia. He has spent countless hours in the mountains and villages of the region learning its customs and stories to offer a book that returns to a former time through an imaginative journey of discovery.

— Fernando Alonso Romero, Author of O Camiño de Fisterra

Porto Lúa is a contemporary classic creating a magical world reminiscent of García Márquez’s Macondo. This is the work of a master storyteller at the height of his power. Sensitivity to sound and form in every phrase of this book as well as its vivid descriptions of the Spanish countryside give it a poetic quality rare in novels of this length. Porto Lúa is a work that must be read slowly to achieve the full effect of the power of its language.

— Sassan Tabatabai, Author of Uzunburun

Porto Lúa is a coming-of-age story set on the Spanish Coast of Death in the Celtic region of Galicia during the latter half of the twentieth century when the beliefs of an ancient past had not yet disappeared from country life, and people were still “living in a time before the disenchantment of the world, still engaging the mysteries of nature, of life and death, creatively without the explanations of modern science.” Like Carlo Levi’s Gagliano and Cinema Paradiso’s Giancaldo, Porto Lúa is a world of its own, an ageless land of the imagination, existing in the narrator’s vivid memories of a rural past as he looks back from the perspective of modern urban life to a time of wonder and enchantment.

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