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Possibilities with Parkinson’s: A Fresh Look, by Dr. C


Possibilities with Parkinson’s offer a fresh look on how to live better with this challenging disease. Easy to read, filled with useful tips and insights, and grounded in both science and practical application. Here is what readers have said:

“You eloquently and precisely describe my personal situation. Again, thank you for putting into words the things I’ve been feeling for a long time.” F.B.

“Thank you for the honesty and vulnerability. You do a great job of building empathy. It speaks to all of us with progressive diseases trying to frustratingly adapt to an ever new ‘normal.’ Your courage shines through. Your words will touch a lot of readers.” M.L.

“Thank you Dr. C. for all your insightful and thought-provoking writings” J.G.

“I felt the need to express how impactful the discovery of your writing has been in my life. I count it as one of my ‘somethings’ to be grateful for. Your words have served as a beacon of hope in an otherwise turbulent, lonely sea.” S.H.

Those with Parkinson’s, and those who are caregivers and human service professionals, will benefit from reading this book. The book truly offers a fresh look: one filled with possibility.

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