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Pythia in the Basement, by Alejandro Marron

“We all knew that a drastic shift had taken place in America. We were well aware that American hegemony was on its last legs. And just like music, what was this new scene morphing into? No one knew. What we did know is that it was a mixture of the old, with the absurd.” Colin, The Anti-Hero of Capitol Hill

Pythia in the Basement is a vapid and played-out tale of self-discovery and the call to action. The search for meaning in a life that doesn’t care. The redundant hero’s journey and fear-of-death narrative that has imbued every society.  A tale of failure, love, sex, and betrayal. All set to an absurdist and satirical backdrop. In a time of self-censorship and half-truths, Pythia in the Basement is a biting satire about our fears, existence, morality, philosophy, and lacking common sense. But no one poses the question better than Roger, our tendentious autodidact, and purveyor of truth…  

“Why are we banning words? Because they remind us of what savages we are? Society takes care of those who don’t play by the rules, dog. Let people say what they want, let them reveal themselves, let’s see the real monsters behind the mask. ” Roger, The Prophet of Capitol Hill 

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