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Radical Dances of the Ferocious Kind, by Tina Tru

A new normal needs a radical dance. These poems are about revolution in movement. The personal is the political and the political the social.

Radical Dances of the Ferocious Kind asks important questions: What are antidotes to individualism, nihilism, cynicism, and hypocrisy? How does one hope in loss? The reader steps poem-to-poem weaving in and through past, now, and future. Through shared exploration of human connectedness with nature, we overcome loss and despair. Every move requires solidarity.

Combining cadence and word play, these poems guide the reader through historical movements, nature, and the multiverse. Seemingly individual choices circle back to the core of our humanness, our social consciousness. In this consciousness, we repeat patterns of courage: to protest means we refuse to suffer and demand justice in public; to love means we choreograph our nakedness through brave decisions on boundary and pleasure.

Radical Dances of the Ferocious Kind provides a window to how we relate and move. We are organized and ready to fight for the world we deserve. Our dance will destroy and rebuild through the power of the working class.

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