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Redbird in the Poppies, by Angela Geer-Gann

Elizabeth Redbird’s idyllic childhood among the rolling fields of the Midwest was shattered when tragedy befell her family and bad decisions seemed to rule every aspect of their lives. Determined to leave her past behind, Elizabeth escapes to California with only the support of her best friend. As she rebuilds her life filled with new adventures and friendships, she finally finds love with someone who seems to complete her.

But the past is never far behind, and when her old life comes back to haunt her, Elizabeth finds herself at the center of a dangerous love triangle. With fate pulling her in one direction and the comfort of friendship in another, Elizabeth must decide which path to take. But as she discovers, love and happiness are not always found in the future, but can be preserved from the past. The outcome of her decision will determine if history will repeat itself or if love and happiness can survive even the darkest of circumstances.

Amidst the heartache and the challenges of her past, Elizabeth must confront the ghosts of the past and determine the path she will take in life. Will she succumb to the legacy of bad decisions or rise above it to forge a new destiny of love, happiness, and redemption?

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