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Resolution, by David Ellis

Four Tales of the Unpredictable, born at different times and in different places, brought together in one volume. Much like two strangers striking up a conversation at a bar, it might take a while for these tales to reveal their common threads, but they do.

A contented man gazes out of his window one evening, spotting something peculiar in the garden, setting his journey in motion.

A boy, bound by a lost bet, reluctantly spends a night in the local haunted house, and things take an unexpected turn, making the haunted house the least of his worries.

A satisfied couple wins a competition for a stay in a Scottish castle, only to discover a mysterious room accessible with a special key, and then…?

A father and son share a drink in a bar, a routine evening until the familiar turns unfamiliar, leading to a final reconciliation.

These stories will come to know each other, gradually revealing their connections and inviting you to delve deeper into their intricate narratives.

Atmosphere Press

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