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Running Dreams, by CARLOS R. SERVÁN

For a world recovering from a paralyzing pandemic, this book reminds us of the power of hope, determination, courage, and the value of supportive friendships.

Running Dreams is a memoir of a man raised in a humble, hard-working family, outside Lima, Peru, at a time of great national political, economic, and social instability. Readers glimpse into the author’s formative years to discover the values and life lessons impressed on him by his family. In an instant, a grenade explosion severs his right hand and blinds him. With scant prospects, he leaves his family and true love to immigrate to the United States, facing a future alone. Beating the odds, he acquires the blindness skills, new culture, and new language necessary to pursue a college education, find a meaningful career, and build a purposeful life

We join Carlos in a treacherous, exhilarating journey to the United States, where he experiences continuous setbacks, but unexpected open hearts and hands restore him. He single-handedly battles hunger, poverty, homelessness, loneliness, prejudice, betrayal, language barriers, and immigration pitfalls.

In Running Dreams we experience the creation of an exceptional life of purpose and meaning. Those who cherish happy endings will not be disappointed.

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