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SARITA, by Natalie Dossett

In the summer of 1920, nineteen-year-old Sarita’s younger brother, JJ, bleeds to death in her arms after being shot by Javier Salsito de Ortega, a ruthless tequila smuggler. The Texas Rangers have their hands full with Prohibition and border issues. Still, Sarita is stunned when they refuse to help.

JJ’s death devastates her father. Without a male heir, Sarita fears he will give in to the oil prospector intent on buying their family ranch, La Barroneña. Even in his despair, she knows her father yearns for justice, but he is too ill and weak to seek it.

Sarita isn’t.

Determined to prove herself and change her fate, she crosses the Rio Grande into a world of deadly threats––from rattlesnakes to Pancho Villa’s rebels to the very killer she’s hunting. Quickly, Sarita realizes she’s stumbled into a web of danger far bigger and more sinister than she imagined. If she is caught, the consequences could jeopardize innocent lives and put her father’s safety at risk.

In a tumultuous landscape of social and political upheaval, what lines will Sarita have to cross to survive? Will her relentless pursuit of justice exact a price too steep to bear? If she succeeds––if she gets home––will she have earned her father’s respect? Will she have secured her family’s future?

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