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Say Hello, by Katy Stanton


Say Hello is the story of sisters wrestling to find their own identities in a loving but dysfunctional family. On the one hand, Meg seems to have it all—a boyfriend, plans for a career, a fun-loving personality, and confidence in abundance. But that all comes crashing down when she receives the goodbye letter from Mark. On the other hand, her sister Maura sees that behind the façade of perfection, Meg is hiding a secret.

As Meg becomes increasingly desperate to keep up appearances, she risks everything—her health, her spirit, her future. And when Maura tells their mother about Meg’s disordered eating, things begin to spin out of anyone’s control.

Written in the distinctive voices of two sisters, Say Hello traces their journeys as they come of age. Meg will do anything it takes to realize her dream, and Maura will use poetry to come to grips with family secrets that seem destined to destroy them both.

Who or what will save them? Is there anything that can set things right?