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Seasons of Life, by Susan McLeod

The book is a collection of 118 poems including themes of childhood, family, seasons of life and holidays.

Topics of fun, love, happiness, kindness, and enjoyment are described in these poems. Using the poems in a group/one-to-one/independent activity in health care facilities by the Activity/Recreational Departments and with home care family/professional caregivers, the poems act as a “bridge” for the reminiscing of past memories.

Here are some examples of the four themes: Childhood poems are about birthday cake, baseball, paper dolls, and back to school. Family poems remember photo albums, reunions, picnics, and drive in movies. Seasons of life include wedding bands, dancing, Sunday morning church service, and the four seasons
(Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). There are fifteen holidays and here are some examples of poems on Christmas: Christmas candles in church, Christmas cookies, Christmas wreath, and Santa Claus.

In Seasons of Life by Susan McLeod we experience overall pleasure by reading her variety of poems around the four themes. The poems engage in pleasant conversations remembering past memories.

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