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Seekers of a Stable Sky: Stories of Altruism and Immigration on the Mexican Border, by Elaine Hampton

Hiding under the heavily reinforced U.S.-Mexico borderline is a gentle counter power led by women who have been wounded, crossed the border illegally, fought for their families, and endured social and economic exploitation.

In Seekers of a Stable Sky, award-winning author and border researcher Elaine Hampton guides us into Mexican women’s worlds where we meet their families, visit their homes, and examine their struggles. For several years, Minerva, a young teenager, slipped across the border doing odd jobs and asking for handouts to feed her ill parents and her three younger siblings. Elvia and Linabel left their comfortable homes to live in a severely stressed desert neighborhood, learn from its residents, and help build the counseling and education center that transformed hundreds of families. In every story, suffering gave birth to altruism.

These are accounts of our global neighbors managing stressful environments and creating unique community collaborations that bring stability under their restless sky. The Mexicans who contributed to the book provide authentic insight into the often-misrepresented immigrant narrative. Through their stories, we enter the world of the immigration seeker and learn more of the impact of Trump-era immigration policies in the borderland.

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