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She Bleeds Sestinas, by Rebecca Jane

“She Bleeds Sestinas leaves us with a sacred bed of poetry radiant with images of the power of the female body, mind, and soul, and a beautiful entreaty to let luminous rooms replace suffering.”

~Tania Pryputniewicz, author of The Fool in the Corn

“May every breath be a prayer. May every surge of energy pulse with colorful kindness.”

Following characters from realms of the fantastic, sacred, ethereal, and realistic, She Bleeds Sestinas is an imaginative journey exploring the intersection of spirituality and art. A collection of poems which pairs Shaivite yoga practice with French formal poetry, this book offers a unique discipline to meditate and transcend grief. By imagining the poetic form of the sestina as the ideal companion for Kundalini Shakti—the powerful energy that moves up and down the spine in spirals—the connected poems seek to both enrich and derail the sincere spiritual seeker’s journey through daily practice.

She Bleeds Sestinas presents a unique perspective on spirituality, combining poetry and yoga to create a powerful tool for personal transformation. Both poetic and practical, it provides readers with the guidance they need to navigate their spiritual journey with grace and discipline.

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