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Shooting Stars: A Girls Can Do Anything Book, by Carmen Petro

Caitlyn and her family are off on their annual vacation, and this year they’re going to sightsee and relax at the Florida beaches on the Atlantic coast. But Caitlyn is about to discover there is much more to this peaceful location than just sand, sea, and sun. At Kennedy Space Center she learns about the history of space exploration and the different missions that launched people into orbit and beyond. She also learns how chimpanzees were sent on some of those missions, and even how to use a toilet in space. Plus, she’s about to meet up with someone who could inspire all young girls who want to follow their dreams and reach for the stars.

The Girls Can Do Anything book series was written to inspire young girls to explore how women can impact the everyday world around them. These stories aren’t about competing with boys, or how much money they can make doing a certain job.  Instead, these stories are about empowering young girls to think outside the box about their future and realize they possess within themselves the power, imagination, and potential to control their own destiny.

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